Library Management Social Network Library management social network is a graduation project and still developing. It is almost identical to GitHub with its page design and API design. Although I can't give much detail, it is a cool library management project for everyone that is almost finished. JavaScript, NodeJS, GraphQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, ReactJS, TypeScript, Docker,

Sekte AI Noise Reducer Convolutional Neural Networks machine learning model and desktop software for removing noise from noisy sounds. Works like Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Numpy, Flask, C#.NET

Kodvizit Library Management Software Library management desktop software is actively used by hundreds of schools in Turkey. It has features like reading and printing barcodes, batch transfer and backup, advanced search, and many more. Continuing to be maintained since 2015. C#.Net, WinForms, SQLite, PHP, MySQL

Giveaway Website Giveaway making website with thousands of monthly users. Giveaway results can be saved and shared with a short link. It allows making giveaways with different methods such as basic, wheel fortune, coin-toss, Instagram comments etc. JavaScript, React, GatsbyJS, PHP, MySQL

Automatic Obis AI Captcha Solver AI browser extension for solving university’s login captchas. Uses neural networks machine learning model with computer vision. Python, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Heroku, C#.NET, JavaScript, Selenium

Smartboard Lock Desktop software and Android app for preventing unauthorized use of smart boards in schools. USB, QR code, digits password, or pattern password are methods that can be used by the authorized users for login. Also, all smartboards and usage reports could be accessed over the network. Java, C#.Net, WinForms, PHP, MySQL

University Community Manager Desktop and Web User management system for university communities. Authenticated users can list and search the members of communities. Also, they can give points to the members for attending events. C#.NET, PHP, JavaScript

Blazor Time Picker Time picker component for blazor applications. C#, .NET Core, Blazor

QR Code Generator Simple QR code generating software for Windows. Users can choose the type of QR (URL, text, etc.). C#.NET

YBYB Print spooler service restarter. Also shared active directory computers with GPO.